About Us
Welcome to TriSports Cycling / Eclipse Racing! Our goal is to foster the sport of cycling through the support of a competitive group of dedicated racers. Through supporting the sport at all levels, TriSports Cycling /Eclipse Racing seeks to provide value to its sponsors and an enjoyable atmosphere for its team members by being the best-in-class ambassadors to our sport and our sponsors. As a club we strive to cultivate team spirit, creativity, and effective planning around training and racing and to always positively represent our team and sponsors in all races, training rides, and other cycling activities. Our respect and love for cycling extends to one another on the team to our sponsors, competitors, and other cycling enthusiasts on and off the bike.

Currently Trisports Cycling / Eclipse Racing is mostly populated with Men’s Cat 3 and 4 riders, however we are open to all categories of racers and are actively building our women’s team! Our team rides offer both A and B rides for varying cycling abilities. We would love to have you join us!

Mission Statement
The mission of Trisports Cycling / Eclipse Racing is to promote camaraderie within its membership and develop a competitive spirit that enhances fitness and cycling skills.  We acknowledge that sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, dedication and support for one another are the hallmarks of a successful cycling team.

The team is a dedicated group of like-minded individuals who support these core values:

  • Inclusive – We welcome other passionate and competitive cyclists to be part of our team, to join the fun and participate in our activities and grow as fast, strong, skilled cyclists.
  • Respectful – We respect each other as team mates, but we also make it a core value to show respect for others in the community (cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, etc.) and represent our sponsors and our sport well.
  • Enthusiastic – We are enthusiastic and positive promoters of our team, our sponsors and our sport.
  • Encouraging – We are invested in each other’s success as teammates, we push each other to constantly work harder (as Greg LeMond once said, “it never gets easier, you just go faster”).
  • Active – We are active in team and community activities by riding and racing with the team whenever we can, attending team events (including helping to put them on). We will actively participate in the Tucson cycling community.
  • Good Examples – We know that by riding safely and sharing the road with others, along with being good sports in competition we enhance the team, sponsor, and sport of cycling’s image in the eyes of others.

Our core values represent the strength, character, and foundation of who we are; a team committed to presenting competitive cycling in a positive light while building solid and long-lasting relationships.