Products We Like

Continental Gatorskins: Great training tire. There are only so many hours in a week to train and changing flats simply wastes that time. That is why I train on Gatorskins, I have also raced on them when I didn't have time to change out my tires and have never had a problem. Available at, Click here

Continental GP4000S: Great racing tire. These tires have great cornering ability and really low rolling resistance making them my go to race tire.
Available at, Click here
Stages Power Meter: Until I came across these power meters I thought power was out of my budget but these are very price competitive ranging between $700-$900 depending on what crank you have. This power meter does everything you want a power meter to do, be consistent, be accurate, and be easy to use/maintain. Since it is just the left crank arm swapping it between bikes takes 5 minutes max. Available at, Click here
Kyle Van Renterghem
Skratch Labs: I tried Skratch Labs, I like it.
Available at, Click here

Craig Honeker
Simple Green: Simple Green: You don't have to wash your car. You do have to wash your bike. Go to Ace and buy a big jug of the concentrate and a good spray bottle, add one part Simple Green to one part water and you're good to go. It also smells really good, but I'm not going to publicly advocate huffing.
Available at Ace Hardware or Online, Click here

Continental Grand Prix 4000s tires: People are superstitious about their tires. When I first realized you could spend as much on a bicycle tire as on a car tire I decided to search around on the internet and if you weren't a michelin man you rode Conti, and the consensus at the time was that the GP4000s was the best blend of durability, cornering, and low rolling resistance. I'm not going to tell you I've road tested a bunch of different tires and the GPs gave me superpowers compared to the others, but they've done me no wrong and I don't ever have to think about them. You can usually get a good deal on them every few months or so if you troll the internet a lot.
Available at, Click here

Q tubes: I switched over to these from other brands because they're cheap and have removable cores, which should just be standard given the ridiculous amounts of rim depth choices out there.
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Clif Z-Bar: The happy medium between a hard-to-digest granola bar and a hard-to-justify candy bar. They're labeled organic and don't have a bunch of funky chemical ingredients, so if you're a liberal hippie like me you're happy about that.
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Skratch Labs: People are also superstitious about their energy drinks. Skratch labs is pretty trendy right now, but I think it's with good reason. Simple ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, no snake oil supplements--It's basically sugar, fruit particles, and electrolytes. If you leave half a bottle of Skratch Labs in your gym bag for a few days, it's gonna be a little funky (and I might recommend dumping it and starting over) but it's not going to be growing a breathing, bubbly skin like some other drinks will.
Available at, Click here
Josh Strauss

Vittoria Open Corsa EVO CX 25mm tires: I too was a big fan of GP4000s’, until I tried these.  So smooth and fast and cheaper than the conti.  Wear like buggery thou so don’t put them on your training wheels!

DZ Nuts chamois cream:  Thought this was a load of old tosh before I tried it.  Will not going into the details other than to say ‘it works’.

Prologo Saddles: Tried the fancy Fizik saddles that seem to be ‘de rigueur’, liked them but not all that much.  Keep going back to the Prologo.  The Nago Evo TS 141 is the one I use right now, super comfortable at any distance.

Beer:  As in good craft microbrew beer.  Stay well away from that big beer BudCoorsBluemoonNewcastle horsepiss.  When you travel to bike races take the time search out the non-franchise establishments serving the locally produced ale and drink it.  Don’t go breaking #47.

Steve Oddie